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Vista Consultants serves professionals in key roles across distinct client segments. Our clients face progressively complex business and technology decisions every day. To help them understand, strategize, and act upon opportunities brought by change, Vista provides proprietary research, consumer and business data, custom consulting, events and online communities. We guide leaders in industries through independent fact-based insight, ensuring their business success today and tomorrow. 

Vista’s Role Platform

By focusing our entire organization on serving clients by professional role, Vista delivers highly relevant research-based services aligned to client’s agenda — not ours. This unique role-focused approach is central to our corporate mission. Our Role Platform represents this distinct commitment.

1.    We put roles first. That means you “the clients” first.

2.   We operate with a clear understanding of our clients' needs.

3.    We get personal with our clients. It's all about trust.

Vista leaves no stone unturned to build a trust among clients. Once we've earned it, that's when we create and deliver the most relevant research-based services you need to achieve success faster.

Types of Researches performed by Vista Consultants

  1. Basic Research
  2. Correlation Research
  3. Descriptive Research
  4. Ethnographic Research
  5. Exploratory Research
  6. Grounded Theory Research
  7. Qualitative Research
  8. Quantitative Research


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